De producten van Susty worden met de hand gemaakt in Hoi An, Vietnam. Om jullie hierover wat meer achtergrond te geven leek het me leuk om een interview te doen met Oanh. Samen met haar zorg ik ervoor dat de producten van Susty gedeeld kunnen worden met de wereld. Zij leidt de productie in Vietnam en zorgt dat de producten goed bij mij terecht komen. Oanh kan je alles vertellen over Vietnam dus mocht je die kant op gaan, neem dan gerust even contact met haar op!

Hi Oanh, can you tell something about yourself?

I was born in Bai Huong village, where I grew up in a place with a very small school and limited medical facilities. During my childhood I spent all of my time in this small village, so I did not have the chance to meet visitors of Vietnam from other countries. In those days, I had little idea who they were!

When I entered secondary school I had to leave my parents so I could live in Hoi An with my grandparents near Cua Dai beach. Every day after school, I would eat a snack on the beach and listen to English being spoken. I was very curious and wanted to learn to speak with visitors of Vietnam. I thought learning another language would be a great opportunity to make friends and also help my family economically by establishing a homestay on my home island. I have worked in the tourism industry for many years now and currently I am working at a yoga studio and have Island Smiles homestay in Cham Island. Here I can meet friends all over the world everyday.

What does a day in your life look like?

For me everyday is a gift from the universe. I try to live healthy, happy and peacefully. Besides working, I try to do yoga and meditation as much as I can and I like to read before I go to bed.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means a lot to me. It is a long term project and relationship. I find it is very important to know how you can create a good product that is useful for life and the environment.

Can you tell us something about the production process of the Susty products?

The production process of the Susty products is homemade and hand made by farmer people. They have a really good understanding of the quality and technic of the materials. Also they have the skills to ensure that you can use the products for a long time.

What are your plans for the future?

I am caring about the spirit of life and the environment. So in my future career I will focus on doing yoga retreats in Cham Island. Next to that I will look for a way to deal with the 3R project (reduce –reuse –recycle) by producing organic products. Also I would love to give Cham Island children a chance to take classes with a foreign teacher in order to learn English.

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Do you have any recommendations for Hoi An/Vietnam?

Come to Hoi An and you will find a pretty old town with a river, beach and beautiful landscape. In the evening you will discover the magical lanterns and enjoy some local food like Cao Lau, My Quang, Hoi An spring rolls, Hen Xao, Banh Dap, Hen Tron…

You should also visit Tra Que vegetable village and do a countryside tour. To get out of the hustle and bustle you can visit Cham Island, stay overnight there and discover real local life. Check Island Smiles homestay for your holiday. If you need any help with planning your trip to Viet Nam, Hoi An or Cham island, do not hesitate to get in touch with me by email:

Is there anything more you want to tell?

I want to tell to everyone in this world: our life is too short, so we need to live in the moment and focus on the quality of our life! Live in peace, happy and healthy. Want less and give more.